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Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - Your blogging pal who's fun to be with 2.1

I'm saving the world. I need a decent shirt.


Twenty-something sarcastic bastard with an insatiable hunger for fiction. Rude and not ginger. I tolerate the 21st century, but I do not enjoy it at all. Waiting for mankind to invent a job that consists of watching telly, reading books and playing RPGs, and offer it to me.
Having an unhealthy obsession towards television and having sold my soul to the BBC, I have decided to pass the remaining time until the Ragnarök by writing a journal about my adventures in TV-land. You'd better pray to your god(s) that I never decide to include any more topics.
This journal is written solely for my entertainment, I do not take responsibility for any feelings it may invoke in the rest of the world, be it amusement or an uncontrollable desire to crush my bones.

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