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15 December 2011 @ 22:34
not so good news  
Sooo, the good news is, apparently, my favourite TARDIS team will stay for a while. I honestly thought they won't be back after the finale. But then why not keep them forever? I know it's time to bring in some fresh faces, but duuuh, Amy and Rory are my favourites!

Your motivation is: cynicalcynical
Andrea: doctor who | amy pondworried_bubble on 15th December 2011 22:58 (UTC)
akkor viszont valami nagyon jó új companiont kell szerezniük.
Nick: dw pokefuturekind on 15th December 2011 23:20 (UTC)
valami nagyon brutalisan csodalatosan fantasztikus uber-companiont kell szerezniuk. kulonben szomoru leszek. najo, mindenkepp szomoru leszek.