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01 October 2011 @ 20:39
He prefers to be called Stormaggeddon, Dark Lord of All.  
6x12 Closing Time
Today's game: can I write a review about Closing Time in 10 minutes? Here it goes!

So, Craig's back. And it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I thought this was gonna be part of the main plot, because of, you know, Craig. Craig's flat. The flat with the mysterious spaceship posing as a second floor, a spaceship looking exactly like the one in the US surrounded by Silence (Silents?) in The Impossible Astronaut. But no, apparently, this time there's a different spaceship, one with Cybermen on board. And they're the good old Cybermen! I love you guys! You actually speak instead of repeating the same pre-recorded two sentences all along!
Craig was hilarious, the whole episode was, I loved it, I was howling with laughter all along, literally, I'm sure the neighbours are plotting my assassination by now (if not, they will after tonight, series finale, jingle-jingle-jingle!)
And it was one another saved-by-the-power-of-luv and they actually made a joke out of it!
Oh dear, that's already been six minutes, so let's quicken this up. The Doctor working as a shop assistant? That was completely AMAZING. I loved his interactions with his fellow employees. And Alfie was hilarious. First I thought it's a bit of a stretch because they've already done this baby-talk joke earlier this series, but it became really funny really soon.
Yes, the Doctor is afraid because he will die (won't). It was totally believable. And there goes my 10 minutes.

So, I'll just add two more things:

a) Look who are there! Amy the famous perfume model? Er, that was weird. Really weird. Hey, I was wondering what career choice she'd taken in the new timeline, because she obviously hadn't become a kiss-o-gram living with her parents, still, too fairy-tale.

b) The cliffhanger. Well, well, well, I should've taken bets. I SAID it would be River. But what I don't get is, and don't tell me, 'River lies,' what's with Madame Kovarian and the Silence? Why doesn't she remember them? Obviously, she should, we've seen Melody in the creepy Yank orphanage SURROUNDED by them. She must remember them. The ther thing I didn't understand was, in Let's Kill Hitler we see the earliest River there is, and she keeps going on about being programmed to kill the Doctor and on one occasion she even talks about the day he died, yet now she plays the innocent. Ah, whatever, it'll all turn out very very soon now.
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