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01 May 2011 @ 19:03
Love a tomb.  
6x02 Day of the Moon
Now with extra coherence! (i.e. I was taking notes.)

Excuse my French, but my one-word summary for yesterday's episode is: MINDFUCK. A big damn 45-minute-long mind-boggling mindfuck. Instead of getting answers, we got even more questions. What are the Silence planning? Why Amy? And why the day of Amy's wedding? Why did they bugger her at the end? What's with the photo? And the little girl? Who is she? Why were the Silence protecting her? What for? How is she able to regenerate? Is she a Time Lady? Why would the Silence want to destroy the whole of reality? Or is that the key to their arrival in the universe? The mysterious bodiless voice in the TARDIS in The Pandorica Opens was a Silence, apparently (though I still think it sounds totally like the Moff and he'll turn out to have been the villain all along.) A Silence (or Silent? Bugger, I'll just call them Silence and I don't care,) crept on board of the TARDIS and made it travel to 27/06/10 and explode. But why? What's the importance of the space suit? What the hell was going on with the crazy dream lady? This can't be a dream, can it? Who is River Song? Whose side is she on? And who is the Spaceman? Why would it want to kill the Doctor? It could be anyone now. Even River. Last series we thought she was gonna kill the Doctor, didn't we? And she seems to know a lot more about these events than what she admits. She knew the Spaceman can't be shot. And when the Doctor poses the question what the hell were the Silence doing with the little girl she said something like, 'They're protecting her. Giving her independence, even.' What? And she remembered the Doctor when everybody else has forgotten him. And another thing. Someone asked Moffat on twitter why doesn't River remember Rory in The Big Bang when she's already met him in The Impossible Astronaut and Moffat said... that River was lying about not knowing Rory. On what purpose?
Anyway, one thing we know: she's a drama queen for sure. When she's got a party dress on, dead ends are things that happen to other people.

Well, having done away with the mind-gnawing questions, let's see the episode itself. It was pretty. Absolutely pretty. The visuals were brilliant. When Amy was running through the desert in the very first scene and 'Valley of the Gods' was written on the screen, I was confused at first. I intended to blog about not understanding why anyone would call a piece of desert wasteland the Valley of Gods, but, you know, after looking at the scene some more and watching the desert tour in the Confidential... I think I get it. It's huge. I suppose my whole country could fit in that desert. And the hills in the background look fantastic. And the dark clouds above the hills. One can totally imagine it filled with gods and stuff.

And the orphanage! The orphanage was great. The one thing I really, really, absolutely adore in this episode is the use of American TV tropes. In the first episode, we got the crazy-looking secretary, the trigger-happy 'Yes Sir, Sir' security guards and the diner in the middle of nowhere with the Coca Cola bottles. Here, let me see. First, the blacksuits with sunglasses chasing Amy, a small group of Agent Smiths. Then the Shot of Engraved Gates with a Car Parking in front of a Scary House in the Background in a Dark and Stormy Night. Mulder and Scully brandishing an FBI badge and going in to explore dark rooms, only illuminated by their torches. (Even the music reminded me of The X-files!) Lamps flickering in the storm. Lightnings flashing. The cliché staircase. Scully and Mulder get separated. Oh, and Indiana Song. 'I love a tomb.'
Another interesting thing is where the bloody hell did the Americans get those timey-wimey bricks? The good old Aliens Land All the Time but the Government Hushes It Up and Area 51 is Full of Alien Artefacts urban legend? There were blacksuits after all.
Oh and the 'Just a healthy American, sir.' That one was so good I cringed.

By the way, as long as I'm on the subject of archaeology. MORE ÜBER-RORY FOR THE MASSES! Oh, yeah, Fall of the Roman Empire, I was there. Rory, Rory, you have no idea how much I hated you when you uttered that sentence. Living through two thousand years of human history. That is so bloody fantastic. I would trade lives with him any time. I'm Über-Rory, I point and laugh at archaeologists.

The orphanage was nice and creepy. I loved the writings on the wall and the head of the institution being completely under the control of the Silence. I loved the way he talked. One moment about the children being asleep and it being 1967, and the other about the Silence making him stay and care for the child.
It's creepy enough to think of a child living there, in that desolate place, full of monsters, all alone. And what the hell was she doing there, anyways? Who was she? Where did the Silence find - eh, but I've already done the question round. Let me just say people on the ground floor must've heard my jaw hit the floor when she started regenerating. By the way, she was absolutely cute in that scene.

One thing we now know: anyone could've shot the Doctor. The little girl's free of the space suit and I doubt she would be eager to get back in. Also, no matter how many of the Silence do humans kill in the next forty years, they're still around in 2011 and have a crucial part in the Doctor's death - something none of the protagonists know, as Amy's forgotten about seeing the Silence on the beach.
They're also around in England. The Lodger. That was one of the Silence's spaceship of course. And it left... to where exactly? Back to some obscure Planet of the Silence? Bringing reinforcements? Maybe the reinforcements have arrived in the meantime? On 26 June? OK, I'll stop it.

But here's the other crazy thing about the orphanage: the dream lady. Watching through the hatch that's never been there, telling, 'I think she's dreaming again.' Who's dreaming? Amy? Is this all a dream? Some of it? That must be something very essential to understanding what the hell is going on here.

Next. The monsters. The Silence are still great. Monsters you forget about. Hiding in the corner of humanity's eye for millennia. But why on earth? They're not really controlling them, only if they need something done. Like a space suit. Oh dear. They've got a TARDIS-like spaceship but they need to infiltrate NASA to get a space suit. Though I'm pretty sure they've got that spaceship made for them, too. Why on earth did they need a self-repairing space suit?
Also, you are a monster, Mr Moffat. Be aware of children in masks. The clock's broke, what's ticking? Statues? They move around when you don't look at them. Of course they're evil! Count the shadows. They eat people. There are monsters under your bed. The crack in your bedroom wall is about to erase you from existence. Oh and everything else? Creaky floorboards, strange noises in the 2AM silence? Monsters. Definitely. Oh and if you close your eyes or duck behind the sofa they don't go away, no, they'll stay but you'll forget about them. Blink and you're dead.
But the Silence danced! Just like the Angels! It was hilarious.
Silence will fall. Where have they fallen from? What is it that Prisoner Zero and the fish people knew about them?
Rule the world, eh? Only if you take it out of my cold, dead hands, I call dibs on this world. Oh but would you mind stopping for a tea and chat about your evil plans? We won't remember you, anyway. We swear it's not a trap!

The counting. Now there was something weird. Yep, they were counting the Silence. Nice. I pretty much guessed that's what the tally marks are for, very logical, I would be doing the same. But. Why would they mark their own faces? The point in the marks is that after you turn away, you see the marks and realise there are Silence around. But you can't see your own face. Why in the name of sanity would you leave signs for yourself somewhere you can't see?

The red lights were pretty cool, too. Anyone else thought they were a reference to Logan's Run?
Also, cough, cough, Silence in the Library.

Oh and back to Area 51 for a moment: the Doctor in a straitjacket! You saw that coming, didn't you, Matt? I'm sure this was the secret dream of the production staff. This way he can't break stuff. How come they released him?
Honestly, when Rory broke the model I thought it should've been the Doctor. By the way, Rory looked like an idiot in that scene. More than usually. It was hilarious. Were those Arthur's own glasses? In that case, double-funny.
And the beard. The beard. Step aside, Patrick Troughton, we've got a new cosmic hobo.
Along with the Perfect Prison, which has the lock mechanism on the inside. Has it been designed by Lord Vetinari? (considering the Oblong Office reference in the previous episode... probably.)
In other news, sod David Copperfield, no one beats the Magician Canton, pulling President Nixon out of his hat.
Nixon was hilarious. Nixon's Secret British Agents. You know, I never thought I would say this, but I felt sorry for him at the end. When he asks the Doctor how good a president he will be and the Doctor says people will never forget him and he looked so hopeful. Cut to Evil Nixon's Head in Futurama.

Oh and I know it's wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey and everything, but this is the second time they're doing the Machine That Could Detect Important Amy-Related Spoiler Goes Wrong thing. In The Beast Below, the voting machine spit out a "marital status: unknown", and now it's the same with her pregnancy.

Well, that's about this week's Drooling Over Doctor Who. See you next week. And for those few miserable souls who got all the way to the end of this review, let's hear Badger's Mark Sheppard's thoughts on the difference between British and American television:

'Tea. The great thing about British production is tea. Can't get tea on any sets in America.'
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Brigi: DW // eleven amy tardistenfeethigh on 1st May 2011 20:04 (UTC)
hogy is mondjam... THIS?

bár igazából most kedvem lenni rituálisan kivégezni kedves stevent, leszarom a kalózokat, én ennek a folytatását akarom!
(Deleted comment)
Nickfuturekind on 2nd May 2011 11:20 (UTC)
I thought of that, too. But I'd still be very surprised if the Moff did that 'cos it would ruin the Amy-got-her-parents-back theme in the previous series. I'm thinking it might be something about the crack in her bedroom wall? Or they messed up something with Big Bang Two? Arrgh, I hate it, it's like looking at some encrypted text, I know it would all make perfect sense if only I had the key.