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23 November 2013 @ 23:59
Haiii, welcome to my zombie LJ,
I haven't blogged in ages (blogging's sooo 5 minutes ago) so please excuse the even-worse-than-in-times-yonder quality, but I MUST SQUEE ABOUT THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW WITH SPOILERS APLENTY and I'm too polite to do it on Twitter/Failbook on the off-chance that some of you haven't seen it yet.

So instead, I'm writing a tl;dr blog post where I don't have to be vague and sophisticated (IKR, I keep using that word, but at least I didn't say 'coherent' or 'intelligent' or something).
I'm also doing you the favour of highlighting the important bits so you don't have to read the whole shitty thing

As much as I've been counting down the minutes to The Day of the Doctor as much as the next person, I had mixed feelings towards it. Yes, namely, I was dreading that whole Tennant/Piper part. Simply because throughout the RTD years I gradually grew entirely bloody sick of Rose Tyler and her lovey-dovey relationship with the mopey-dopey Tenth Doctor, and I've been thinking Moffat and Matt were the best thing that could possibly have happened to Doctor Who in 2010. Plus I thought it genuinely unfair that Rose, who'd already got like three crappy exits, was to return yet again while better companions were left out.
But all my fears were proven wrong because this was brilliant. Tennant was as great as he was in the 2006 series and Piper was actually pretty cool in the role of DoomsdayWeapon!Rose.
And the next best thing was how Moffat took that shitty Elizabeth I piece of canon that I've been ignoring since 2009 and made it HILARIOUS. The whole plot was ludicrous and stupid and funny and awesome, and I really wish I knew how long it took the Moff to come up with so much awesomeness. I loved the dialogues, I loved the bickering and I loved all of it, and did I mention THEY BROUGHT BACK GALLIFREY?
I've been waiting for them to bring it back all along, ever since I got hooked in 2005, ever since I first saw Nine mourning, ever since I first watched episodes of the classic series, I've been patiently waiting for it. And then of course RTD committed that crime against humanity otherwise known as The End of Time and I wholeheartedly loathed it for reasons I won't repeat now (yes I know I could just link them but I don't really expect anyone to have got this far in the post). And I was hoping the Moff would some day go back there and fix it and bring Gallifrey back properly as it should be. And oh my gods didn't he do just that with style.
It was so bloody great. I would've loved it as it were if they had actually pressed the big damn button, because it was so sad and so great, but THEY DID IT, THEY SAVED IT.
John Hurt was bloody awesome too, but then it was obvious he would be.
And there was Tom Baker, in a totally great scene. And there were all of them, in two totally brilliant scenes.
And there's one more thing, PETER FUCKING CAPALDI, I bloody KNEW he was gonna have a surprise cameo, I've been wondering about it since he was announced, I was thinking how fantastic it would be if he had a cameo because this is the bloody 50th anniversary, it's huge, and he is the next Doctor so it wouldn't be fair to leave him out, but I still cried out loud when they said "not twelve, thirteen". And now I'm totally psyched for Christmas and I can't wait, because as much as I'm still depressed about Matt leaving, for he is the Doctor himself and absolutely brilliant in the role and (in my smug opinion) the best Doctor since Hartnell, I can't bloody wait to see Malcolm fucking Tucker play the Doctor. Plus there's gonna be weeping angels.
And now I shall watch the shit out of the episode until Christmas.