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13 February 2012 @ 20:04
On my hiatus and why I haven't written about the Christmas Special  
I've been wondering about for a while now about what I'm going to do with this blog until the autumn. I've still got no idea.
Nowadays I only write about Doctor Who, but there'll be no new Doctor Who for many months. I've thought of writing about Sherlock, but I don't feel myself equal to it. I've thought of other shows, but I simply don't have anything I want to say about them.
So, apparently, I'm on hiatus or something.

But another thing that distanced be from my blog was the Christmas special. Because I really didn't want to write about it and kept postponing it forever.

The reason I couldn't write about the Christmas special is that half of it was boring. And writing that down makes me feel like a blasphemer, because I feel like there's some additional brilliance in the episode I'm too stupid to understand.
Because Moffat's episodes are supposed to be quick-paced, full of humour and wit. This episode didn't really feel like a Moffat episode.
It doesn't mean I didn't like the Christmas special, because I found the story charming. I liked the beginning, the Narnia parallels, the tree king, the climax, the ending.... but somewhere in the middle I was bored. It was the mum. I didn't like her Space Narnia scenes. She arrives in the forest, meets the ditzy guest stars, spends an awful lot of time arguing with them and then she decides that she can definitely drive an imperial walker because her husband is a WW2 pilot. I was waiting for some more exciting action. I expected the three guest stars to have a larger role. I expected a quicker pace. I simply expected more because it was a Moffat episode. And I definitely didn't expect to be bored for twenty minutes. I expected the episode to be even more awesome than Space Victorian London with the flying fish, but the Space Victorians were actually better. That's why I kept putting off writing about it.</lj>
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