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24 September 2011 @ 00:32
Pretty as an airport  
And this is really the moment after the last moment to catch up with my blog, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

6x10 The Girl Who Waited

Judging by the title, I'd expected a main-plot episode, but this was even better.
Amy is left behind. Left behind in a timey-wimey-space-holo-airport full of Cylons designed by Apple. I'd rather not think about that part, because I'm afraid I must've missed the answers because I was busy asking the questions and I haven't had the time to re-watch it yet. So this is a disgustingly shiny timey-wimey-port where the computer-assistant always knows where you are but the iCylons don't. And it's been designed by aliens as a hospice. Aliens who could tinker with time but never thought of OTHER species going to visit their planet, especially regarding them being a holiday resort. Where the computer-interface knows about Earth but the iCylons don't know about humans. Well, congratulations to the designers. Although it's still really amazing how they could put an only slightly faulty hospice up in what, a day, before they died themselves.
But of course the point of the episode is that Amy grows old. Really old. Oh dear, she's sixty. And now she can relax because she knows she will look stunning as a sixty-year-old. She's got wrinkles but she fights like Uma Thurman and despite spending 40 years fighting the iCylons every waking hour, she hasn't got a single grey hair. Fortunately, Karen did a good job and played the cynical survivor nicely, less Old Amy and more a different character altogether.
And ladies and gentlemen, this episode was entirely and only about Amy/Rory. Helplessly Perplexed Rory needs to deal with the fact that his wife has suddenly aged 40 years and became a cynical, contemptuous lone warrior. Which gets worse when Young Amy comes in the picture. How do you tell Video-game Amy that you'd rather want Young Amy back because she's prettier and less unbearable?
The two Amy's were wonderful, though they didn't flirt nearly as much with each other as I wished, her self-flirting was hilarious in the Children in Need mini.
And of course the twist was heart-breaking, the Doctor is a right bastard, but we'd known that before. Too bad Old Amy dies, she'd be a hilarious returning character, though I highly doubt either her or Rory will return next series. Which is a shame, they're brilliant, as seen in this very episode.

Deary me, I was accidentally given a non-English keyboard at the repair shop and blind typing is haaard. So I guess I'll leave it for now and write about the killer hotel on the aeroplane tomorrow (and since I won't be able to post it till Monday and who knows what happens on Saturday, I'll say in advance that I'm betting a quadrillion Professor-land Fun Bucks that you-know-who-or-what-i'm-talking-about will be back for the finale, this ending was the most anti-climatic ending of all anti-climatic endings ever with a side order of loose ends.)
I'm going to see Rory the Demon from the Burning Hells, feel free to hate me.
Service will be back to normal from next week on, when I finally stop to breathe after a fortnight of IRL busy-ness.
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